Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Just a bit of Fun! Projek Kalsom Documentary Pilot for DIGI video of the year award

Main Website: Projek Kalsom

Imagine, if the concept of mentor-mentee in Projek Kalsom is applied nationwide and not just during Projek Kalsom. This mentor-mentee relationship is encouraged between facilitators and student participants during Projek Kalsom, and continues to develop into a further meaningful and informal relationship between two persons for life. If this idea can be fostered among every member of the society, many more students who are not able to attend Projek Kalsom, can benefit from such elegant, informal, information sharing with the purpose of inspiring each party into beneficial members of the society.

The documentary hopes to encourage Malaysians to have a mentor-mentee relationship whether they have been to Projek Kalsom or not. Taking inspiration from Sir Ken Robinson, he identified specific attributes of a mentor which includes:

1) Recognition - a mentor help recognizes the spark of interest or delight and can help an individual drill down to the specific components of discipline that match that individual's capacity and passion.

2) Encouragement – a mentor lead us to believe that we can achieve something that seemed improbable or impossible to us before we met them.

3) Facilitating – a mentor offer us advice and techniques, paving the way for us, and even allowing us to falter a bit while standing by to help us recover and learn from our mistakes.

4) Stretching – a mentor pushes us past what we see as our limits.

Please help us promote this idea and help Malaysia to produce a mentor-mentee community. It is also hope that through this documentary, the efforts put in by the Committee of Projek Kalsom 17, to bridge the gaps in educational, scholarship and career opportunities will receive more support nationwide.

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Thank you. May Malaysia prosper along with all its citizen.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Project Kalsom Documentary Pilot

Beautiful Ladies and Handsomely Gentlemen,
This year is an exciting year for Filemduatayar Studio's development as we are putting together a documentary that serves our objectives - to promote a good cause,and to produce quality informative films.
Also,this event and documentary is in line with Malaysia's objective to empower our youth for brighter futures.

Now, we need your help, this documentary might get pre-sales which means it will be shown in television network either TV3 or RTM1. So first, go ahead and play the pilot/trailer.

Love it? Don't have to tell people but... show it to them =)
VOTE FOR DIGI VIDEO OF THE YEAR AWARDS -​Detail.aspx?cd=040511192532623
we would appreciate if you would tell 3 or more people about this pilot and would contribute to the awareness of Projek Kalsom's cause to promote mentorship in education and the success of the documentary distribution 

The story of the documentary - Pitch Page
The Project - Projek Kalsom Website
Join our facebook group to follow for more inspiring work 
Filemduatayar Studio facebook group
If you are passionate about filmmaking and would love to get involve, please email us at

If you like our work and would like to donate some very much needed funds, please email us at . A page that will allow funding to be made easily will also be coming to you soon`!

Pilot Credits

Khairul Arifin Md Ajib

Production Manager
Nur Nadhirah

Ameya Sarda

Sumir Nair

Music Composer
Pottiya Pattom